A WIP toy engine based on https://github.com/gheshu/pim.
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Efemra is a WIP toy game engine. It is currently essentially an early, in-progress Zig rewrite of the pim engine, which is described by its creator Kara as "a little 'zen garden'".

Efemra is absolutely WIP and does not work at all! Feel free to watch as I stumble my way through Zig, Vulkan and graphics programming. I hope to have more to show for myself soon.

In the meantime, please check out pim, because that engine actually works and is super cool!


Currently I am only targeting Linux and testing on Gentoo. Probably will investigate Windows once things get further. You'll need:

  • Zig 0.10 (this is the prerelease version)
  • Vulkan: headers, layers, and loader (these will depend on your package manager).
  • glfw 3 headers
  • Possibly some other stuff that you likely already have? TODO: experiment with building on a popular distro to see what's needed.
  • Currently efemra isn't at the point of loading Quake levels, but that probably will eventually be a thing.


It might not build yet... but in theory:

  • Install gyro Zig package manager.
  • Execute gyro fetch to fetch dependencies.
  • Execute gyro build run to build and (someday) run!