Source code for 2007 indie roguelike action game Meritous.
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for Windows 98/2K/XP/other operating systems
by Lancer-X/ASCEAI

Far below the surface of the planet is a secret.     
A place of limitless power. Those that seek to
control such a utopia will soon bring an end        
to themselves.                       

Seeking an end to the troubles that plague him,
PSI user MERIT journeys into the hallowed Orcus
Dome in search of answers.


Run Meritous.exe after extraction and everything should work correctly.

If the game is too difficult for you, you can play in 'Wuss mode' for
a far more sombre gaming experience.


Arrow keys - Move around. To walk through doors, simply walk up to
             them and push against them.

Space      - Charge your PSI circuit for attacking.

Escape     - Exit the game.

H          - View the help file.

Tab        - View the map (you can then use the arrow keys to scroll
             around the map.

Enter      - Activate a trigger tile that you are standing on.
             Enter is also used for various other things, such as
             for reading in-game dialogue.
P          - Pause the game.


You can send comments/questions/whatever to my email address, which is
given on the website.


Thanks to my beta testers: Quasar, Terryn and Wervyn, for their hard work
in assisting me in keeping Meritous fairly stable.