Beam Saber game system for FoundryVTT
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FoundryVTT Blades in the Dark character and crew sheets

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If you like our work - use the system, use it all, and may the shadows cover your way.

Contact Discord: megastruktur#5704 in case you find any bugs or if you have any suggestions.


"Item" - all classes, crew types, upgrades, items, abilities, upgrades, etc.

  • To reset reputation, exp, etc counters just click on the label name.

  • Health clock can be reset by clicking on "Healing" table header.

  • To add items you can click a corresponding link or drag items from compendium/game to the sheet.

  • All "class/crew" specific items are prefixed with first letters

  • I don't want the "class/crew items" to be prepopulated, so the character sheet contains less "compendium" info.

  • To see the description of Class, Vice, Background, etc you can just click added item and see all the info in the popup.

  • When adding a new item you can hower a "question-circle" icon to see the item's description.

  • To add Custom abilities just add a new "Foundry Item" of the corresponding type and fill all the necessary info. Then drag it to the sheet or add via button on a sheet.


  • (C) Cutter
  • (G) Ghost
  • (H) Hound
  • (Hu) Hull
  • (Le) Leech
  • (Lu) Lurk
  • (Sl) Slide
  • (Sp) Spider
  • (V) Vampire
  • (W) Whisper

Crew Types:

  • (A) Assassins
  • (B) Bravos
  • (C) Cult
  • (H) Hawkers
  • (Sh) Shadows
  • (Sm) Smugglers


Character Sheet, Crew Sheet and Class

alt screen


alt screen


alt screen alt screen


Clocks are now here!

  • To add clock go to Actors tab and create a new Actor of type "🕛 clock".
  • To share it to other players just drag it to a scene.

Operators list

  • addition - is added when item is attached and substracted when removed
  • attribute_change - changes the "attribute" to value and when removed - uses the "attribute_default" to restore

Supported Languages

  • English
  • Russian (Русский)
  • Spanish (Español)
  • Polish (Język Polski)
  • German (Deutsch)


  • If you can't find the drag-n-dropped item, refer to "All Items" tab on each sheet.