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Simple administration commandline application for the Dendrite server. Check out information on the Dendrite Admin API, here.

To use

Install with cargo as usual. Place an .env file in the working directory and fill out the following variables (KEY=VALUE):

  • ACCESS_TOKEN - Your account's access token, which can be found in Settings -> Help & About -> Advanced -> Access Token
  • INSTANCE_URL - full URL to your instance (this may be removed eventually)
  • INSTANCE_DOMAIN - the domain used for user accounts (after the colon).

You may instead supply ACCESS_TOKEN as a normal environment variable if you don't want to store that information on disk.

You can now run the application and change someone's password by following the prompts.


Basic password reset endpoint


TODO whois query on a user

TODO Resolve instance redirection automatically

TODO TUI interface

TODO Refresh devices

TODO Evacuating a room

TODO Evacuating a user from all rooms

TODO Reindexing fulltext search

TODO Purging a room