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Everforest Emacs Theme

An Emacs port of the Everforest Vim theme, a low-contrast green-coloured theme. This is a current work in progress, so expect issues and unorthodox coloring occasionally. The port is quite opinionated from the original everforest theme, but I try to keep as true to the original theme as possible, but making changes where needed for both functional and cosmetic reasons.

This package is adopted from the original everforest theme from theorytoe

Dark | Light


This theme is not on MELPA (yet), so a manual install is required for stock emacs.


  '(everforest :type git :repo "https://git.solarpunk.moe/mossfet/Everforest"))

(load-theme 'everforest-hard-dark t)
;; (load-theme 'everforest-hard-light t)

Doom Emacs (package!)

In package.el

(package! everforest
  :recipe (:repo "https://git.solarpunk.moe/mossfet/Everforest"))

And in config.el

(use-package! everforest)

(load-theme 'everforest-hard-dark t)
;; (load-theme 'everforest-hard-light t)


Clone the Repo

git clone https://git.solarpunk.moe/mossfet/Everforest ~/.emacs.d/everforest-theme

Add the theme to your custom-theme alist and load it

(add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path "~/.emacs.d/everforest")
(load-theme 'everforest-hard-dark t)


Load the theme (disable any existing theme):

M-x load-theme RET everforest-hard-dark RET

To load the theme on emacs startup:

(load-theme 'everforest-hard-dark t)