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The solarpunk.moe mastodon configuration and customizations.


Building the project requires a couple of steps.

Copy files

To build, copy the content of this folder to a copy of the mastodon source code, then docker compose build.

Assuming that your local mastodon checkout is located at ~/src/mastodon, you can run the following from this project folder:


  cp -r $SOLARPUNK_REPO/.env.production $MASTODON_REPO/

Should you have your mastodon checkout in a different location, set MASTODON_REPO to that location.

Build docker images

After copying the files, we can build the docker images with:

  docker compose build

WIP Running mastodon

To run the instance, follow these steps:

Going to need vv to fill this part out.

TODO Set up external networks

TODO Set up reverse proxy

TODO Set up cert-bot

TODO Run containers