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#+title: matrix-dendrite-admin
Simple administration commandline application for the Dendrite server.
* To use
Install with cargo as usual. Place an .env file in the working directory and fill out the following variables (KEY=VALUE):
- ACCESS_TOKEN - Your account's access token, which can be found in Settings -> Help & About -> Advanced -> Access Token
- INSTANCE_URL - full URL to your instance (this may be removed eventually)
- INSTANCE_DOMAIN - the domain used for user accounts (after the colon).
You may instead supply ACCESS_TOKEN as a normal environment variable if you don't want to store that information on disk.
You can now run the application and change someone's password by following the prompts.
* Achieved
** Basic password reset endpoint
* Goals
** TODO whois query on a user
** TODO Resolve instance redirection automatically
** TODO TUI interface
** TODO Refresh devices
** TODO Evacuating a room
** TODO Evacuating a user from all rooms
** TODO Reindexing fulltext search
** TODO Purging a room